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  - Subcontractor Friendly
  - Reduce Cycle Time
  - Complete Installation Package
  - Engineered for Local Building Code
  - Easy to Custom Configure
  - Laser straight / Square / Level
  - Factory Process Controlled
  - Built in Floor Joist Ledge
  - Reduced Framing Cost
  - Reduced Insulation Cost
  - Efficient Heating and Cooling
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  Why build a basement?
  Extra Living Space, Security, Convenience
Basements provide inexpensive space for many uses.
Basements require very little air conditioning so it uses less
energy than the rest of the house. A basement's sturdiness
and location make it ideal for housing mechanical equipment
like furnaces, water heaters, and the laundry room.

These same properties make it an excellent choice for home offices, recreational space, storage areas, workshops, or hobby rooms. Basements typically house main electrical panels, plumbing, and ductwork, making these easily accessible for changes and repair. The sheltering properties of below-grade space make basements "safe havens" for occupants during severe weather.

Download a 90 Sec. Time Lapse Video of the 4.5 hour Installation Process: High Resolution (63MB)
Depending on what type of computer you have,
this may take awhile.

This unique construction system is designed specifically for the Arizona residential builder.


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